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Team THF Fitness Program in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Looking for weight loss programs in Utah? 

    Our professional fitness consultants in Salt Lake City are trained to help you get the results you want and deserve. We’ll empower you with powerful nutrition plans and customized fitness programs. We’ll be there for you to help hold you accountable for your success and encourage you to persevere. 

    With a tailored fitness program from Team THF, you won’t have to worry about a lack of motivation. We provide you with the guidelines necessary to keep you on track. We check in with you regularly to help steer you toward your goals. 

Much more than a “Weight Loss Program”

    The focus here at Team THF is on fat lossnot “weight loss.” We’ll measure you body’s composition and provide you with a workable fitness and dietary program so that you’re losing the right kind of weight—fat, not muscle.

    Everyone’s goals are different, and we can tailor our program to fit your particular vision. Many of our clients join to lose weight, and others work with us to achieve a fitness goal such as competing in a sports event.

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to improve yourself, we believe in the positive benefits of life-long fitness. Our programs require a commitment—hard work and dedication is central to any fitness plan if it’s going to be successful. As long as you come prepared to challenge yourself, we’ll be prepared to help you achieve the results you deserve. 

Utah Nutrition Consultant

    We are more than a “diet” program. The nutrition consultants at Team THF won’t make you eat anything that you hate. Instead, we help you make healthy choices that fit your lifestyle.

    Many professionals need to eat “on the go,” and others love to spend hours cooking a delicious meal for themselves and their families. No matter how you eat throughout the day, we can help you find the nutritious foods you actually like. That’s the only way to stick to a “diet”—by eating the foods you enjoy, that also happen to be good for you.

    Our nutrition plans are all about you. We don’t provide you with one-size-fits-all health meals; we’ll help you discover the healthy foods you love.

Proven Track Record of Success

    Team THF is licensed by the state of Utah as a level-one diet center according to the guidelines of the American Dietetic Association. Our time in business has been marked by rewards and honors, but we like to celebrate the success of our happy clients above all others:

    "Working with Team THF has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments I have ever done for myself both mentally and physically. I have always wanted to compete in an NPC Figure competition. It was a goal of mine that always seemed unobtainable. Last March Team THF  turned my dream  into reality when I stepped on the stage for the first time and took 3rd!"

                                                        -Megan Metekingi

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