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Team THF Fitness Program in Park City

    Team THF is a group of professionals dedicated to helping you change your lifestyle in order to lose fat and keep it off. The process is not an easy one to undertake  alone, but with the assistance of experts, you can see results in half the time it  takes to do it on your own. 

Consult with Nutrition and Fitness Experts

    After a free consultation, members of Team THF will tailor a diet and exercise plan specific to your needs and goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re schedule includes traveling, eating out for work, or you don’t enjoy “healthy” foods. Team THF can teach you how to combine foods you enjoy with healthier options to create meal plans guaranteed to produces successful results.  This way, you can be sure that those results will last! 

    Working alongside both a nutrition and an exercise consultant, you can set realistic goals and reach them in a timely manner. Rather than just learning how to lose weight, the focus is on learning how to lose body fat.  Losing body fat guarantees that you’re losing the weight you really want to be losing without diminishing muscle mass.

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

    In Utah, we understand that many of our customers want to be in shape to hike, bike, and Frisbee around the state. As a level-one, state-licensed diet center (as outlined by the American Dietetic Association) we want to help you with any general weight loss goals, as well as any sports-specific goals, such as basketball or hockey. 

    Here is the testimonial of one of our clients, Brad Jensen: 

    "I had a vision of the body I wanted back, however with Rick and TEAM THF’s help, I far exceeded what I had in my mind. I got in the best shape of my life! Since my intense 6 week program, I have been able to maintain my bf% and am now happier then I have ever been! TEAM THF has given me back my confidence and for that I’m grateful. With hard work, dedication and TEAM THF’s help, anyone can get in the best shape of their life!"

Personalized Exercise Plans

    Team THF isn't like any other gym, diet, or weight loss program you've participated in before. In fact, it is not a gym, and the consultants are not personal trainers. However, they will give you and your situation more attention and care than any other professionals in the business. Every detail of your diet, exercise, and health habits will be analyzed by your Team THF consultant, and they will inform you of everything you need to do to reach your goals – including exactly how much water to drink and how many hours to sleep a night. All based on your body type.  

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    Find out more about how our weight loss program can help you reach your goals by calling Team THF at 801-657-5805. Call ahead and schedule your free consultation in Park City, Utah or visit our Park City location today!