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Weight Loss Program in Lehi, UT

    Shedding those last few pounds always ends up taking the longest time, and sometimes you end up just giving up and not reaching your end goal. Team THF is here to save the day, and your diet! 

    As nutrition and exercise consultants, Team THF wants to help you reach that goal, whether you’re working on shedding the last few pounds or starting from the beginning. Here’s how Team THF will help change your life today. 

Individualized Exercise Plans

    Everyone is different, and not everyone can follow a cookie cutter plan to lose weight – especially if you have a unique body type. After your free consultation, our specialists will outline exactly what you need to eat, how and when to exercise, as well as how much water you should drink every day and how many hours you should sleep at night. 

    All of these steps are essential to reaching your goal, but if you’re not an expert, it’s hard to know exactly what to do to get the fastest results. Consult with Team THF and you’ll never have to guess again.

Progress Reports

    Keeping track of how far you have come will motivate and inspire you to continue reaching for your goal, as well as improve your continual progress. Our nutrition and exercise consultants will tell you if you are on track to reach your goal, how much time it might take, and if your diet or exercise regimen needs to be adjusted.

    Our consultants want to help you reach your goal, and they are willing to adjust your regimen based on your timetable, but they will also work with you to ensure that your goals are realistic. Team THF’s goal isn't for you to just lose weight, but to lose the weight you really want off: fat.

Focus on Fat Loss Not Weight Loss

    Learning the secrets of fat loss is one way to guarantee that your weight loss will not just be temporary. We want to help you maintain your ideal weight, and that will involve some coaching. However, once you've got the hang of it yourself, you’ll be able to stay at your goal weight for the long run. 


Support System

    The hardest part about losing weight is feeling like you’re making these sacrifices all on your own. You do not have to feel alone, though. We want to support you every step of the way. If you’re frustrated with your exercises and not sure you’re doing it right, we are more than happy to demonstrate for you. If you’re feeling a strong desire to give into temptation and eat something that might set you back on your weight loss journey, you can feel free to text us any time.

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    Don’t be shy – find out more about how you can reach your weight loss goals by calling Team THF today at 801-657-5805, or by visiting our location nearest you.