Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss Programs in Utah

You'll get most of your questions about our fitness programs answered here. 

How much does it cost?

Since it is an individualized program the price varies depending on how much time is needed to reach one’s goal. People can invest anywhere from $60 + for a program.


How much exercise do I have to do?

Exercise is an individual component that will be explained during the consultation. However most clients only workout 1-5 hours a week.


Do I need to have a gym membership?

No gym membership is required. People often workout at home with free weights and see great results.


What happens during the initial free fitness consultation?

During the free initial consultation, the client’s goals and limitations are assessed. An individualized program is then mapped out and explained to the client based on the client’s goals. We will provide as much helpful personalized information as we can in one hour.


Do I have to take supplements?

The only nutritional supplement that we HIGHLY recommend is a multivitamin. Any other supplementation is used only if the client wants to see faster results.


Do I have to take a before and after picture?


Yes and No. We never have to see or take any picture but it is recommended that the client then do one on their own, so they can see the fruit of their labor. Often times we can’t tell any change because we see ourselves so often. But looking at a before and after picture, we can see the results of our hard work.


What do I do after my program has ended?

Not only do we provide programs to reach one’s body composition goals we also provide a monthly maintenance program which consists of monthly consultations to make sure the client is able to maintain results.


What kind of foods will I have to eat?

Healthy foods that you like (see our healthy weight loss recipes for easy solutions). In order for your results to be permanent you have to eat foods you like and not get hungry. You will never cut out all your carbs or fat and eat high protein. In fact most people (but not all) will eat a diet that is about 60% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 20% fat. You will learn of the foods you like which are going to help you see results faster. 


How much fat can I expect to lose each week?

This too is an individual thing that will be explained during your initial free consultation, but one could expect to lose anywhere from 0.5%to 0.8% body-fat loss a week.


Can I still see results if I travel and have to eat out a lot?

Yes. The great thing about our program is that it is individualized. We teach people how to eat the best based on what is available to them.


What if I cannot make one of my appointments?

Please give a 24 hour notification of cancellation. This provides the Fitness Professional ample time to fill your spot. Also realize that in order for a program to run efficiently weekly manipulations need to be made to your program, so reschedule immediately.