Free Corporate Wellness Programs


Learn about powerful dieting techniques, why it is that so many diets fail, weight loss vs. fat loss, and many other fitness and health related questions and facts by reserving a seat at one of our upcoming seminars and workshops. Each health seminar run for about an hour and is located at our corporate office in Sandy, Utah.

We also provide health and wellness seminars for corporations, which can be held at your company location (including out-of-state). Additionally, we are available to schedule seminars at your home whenever there will be ten or more individuals in attendance. Whether scheduling a seminar at your place of business or home, or reserving a seat at our company location, our seminars are free of charge.


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Team THF offers 4 corporate wellness programs



Part 1: Why Diets Don’t Work 

  • Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss 
  • 3 weight loss lies 
  • 3 Rules of Nutrition 
  • Glycemic Index 
  • 5 Components of Fitness



Part 3: Exercise Demonstration 

  • Resistance Training 
  • How to get the most out of your work out





Part 2:  the 7 Keys to a Healthy Metabolism 

  1. Participate in a balanced Exercise Program 
  2. Rest 
  3. Hydration 
  4. Eating on a schedule 
  5. GI Foods 
  6. Use of proper food combinations 
  7. Cheat Meal


Part 4: Keys to Maintenance 

  • Restaurant choices 
  • How to read food labels 
  • Eating on Vacation 
  • Food Exchanges 
  • Food Portion