Now Accepting HSA Payments


Here at Team THF, we have always tried to make our services as accessible to our customers as we possibly can. We have made it even easier by now accepting HSA payments for our services.

If you want to be more in shape and healthier, we are here to help. Our experienced fitness consultants take their job seriously and make sure that the needs of every client are met with care and personalization. Since we are now accepting HSA payments we can make it easier for you to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

Our specialized weight loss program includes a personalized meal plan and workout regimen for each of our clients. Our fitness consultants will also help you learn the exercise instructions correctly by taking the time to demonstrating the correct way to execute the moves.

As of today’s session I’ve lost just over 51 lbs with Justin Tanner at THF. I’m almost at my goal!!! I love being healthy and strong. Strong is beautiful!

By now accepting HSA payments, our clients have the ability to work with our experienced team in a more affordable manner without the need for an out of pocket payment.


Team THF

We are a Nutrition/Fitness Consulting Business that help you reach your goals and show how to maintain those goals as well.  For a healthier more active lifestyle you desire.