What is Piloxing?

Ever tried Piloxing

Piloxing blends the muscle sculpting of standing Pilates, the strengthening and cardio of boxing and the fun of dance into a high energy interval workout.

Piloxing is an exciting, new program that combines Pilates and Boxing moves into a calorie blasting, muscle toning, core strengthening workout guaranteed to make you sleek, sexy and powerful. Piloxing builds a positive self- image incorporating femininity, control, sexiness and power. 

Hollywood celebrities and international stars have discovered the benefits of the workout developed by Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen to physically and mentally empower women through fitness. 

Piloxing blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with the beautiful sculpting elements of Pilates along with fun and sexy dance moves that reflect the sensuality in every woman

Benefits of Piloxing

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Muscle tone and definition
  • Lean body/fat mass ratio and weight management
  • Lower overall stress
  • Improved immune function
  • Increased ankle stability
  • Better bone density
  • Extended join mobility and greater range of      motion
  • Enhanced posture, balance and stabilization
  • More coordination and agility
  • Heightened self confidence

Four Piloxing Concepts

  • Concentration - quiet the mind and feel the movements
  • Focus - direct the attention to specific      muscle groups
  • Awareness - take notice of your posture
  • Control - quality of movement

Five Principles of Piloxing

  • Piloxing Breath - a specific technique that requires      Concentration as part of the movement.
  • Core Stabilization - work your abdominals, back muscles,      torso, and pelvis so the body is stable and secure in any position.
  • Oppositions - by actively reaching in opposite      directions you'll create freedom of joint mobility and relieve joint      compression.
  • Flexion - create space in your joints,      (particularly the spine), to prevent injury and enhance movement quality.
  • Reciprocal Inhibition - by contracting muscle against muscle      and stretching opposing muscle groups you gain flexibility and strength.

Its definitely something different and interesting so shock your body with piloxing