Row Workouts

Improves both aerobic and anerobic fitness using all major muscle groups (arms, legs, back, abdomen and buttocks). A great all round exercise.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Rowing is a very good aerobic exercise that benefits the cardiovascular system.

Moreover, all the major muscle groups like your buttocks, legs, arms, thighs and abdomen get a complete workout.

It makes you lose weight very fast because your getting both a cardio and strength training workout. One-stop shopping! With treadmills, overall fat burning is less than that of rowing machines since running is strictly a cardio activity.

These are some of the Full Range of Rowing Machine Benefits are

·         Muscle toning – Exercising on a rowing machine is good for the muscles. It involves all the major muscle groups of the body and tones them evenly. It strengthens the back and the shoulders. You can use it to build your resistance.

·         Good for the heart – A rowing machine is the best form of cardio exercise that you can get at home. It improves the health of the heart and lungs and blood circulation. It helps the body to break down carbohydrates and produce energy.

·         Weight Loss – Everybody’s favorite benefit. A rower is excellent for losing weight. You can burn up to 500 calories in an hour while exercising on a rowing machine. With proper exercise routine and diet, a rower can easily lose a pound a week, if not more.

·         Stress reduction – Cardiovascular activities are preferred by doctors because they stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain and helps in releasing endorphins. This reduces stress levels and makes you feel good.

You wanna know which Muscles Benefit the Most From Rowing Machine Exercises?

·         Fitness experts have conducted extensive research on the rowing machine benefits. They have found that it works on all the muscle groups of the body which makes it the best equipment to lose weight and get fit.

Here are the muscle groups on which it works.

·         Heart and lungs- as we have mentioned earlier, rowing is a very good cardiovascular exercise. It makes the heart strong and helps in pumping more blood.

·         Back muscles – our back is probably the most important muscle group and it is essential to work on them if we want to remain fit and healthy. Fortunately, every rowing action works on these muscles and makes them stronger. The muscles get good workouts without any harm.

·         Shoulders – it is vital for the shoulders to get some exercise. While rowing, your hands are always elevated which makes the shoulder muscles remain activated.

·         Biceps – they are found on the front of your upper arms. When you row and bring your arms towards you, the biceps are worked upon.

·         Quads – those of us who are overweight complain of fat being deposited on their thighs. Thanks to the rowing activity, the thigh muscles are worked very hard. The quads are located in the thighs on the front side. They help in extending the knees and when you straighten your legs they become active. By working on them you tone your thighs and get into a good shape.

·         Gluts – also known as the gluteus maximus aka your buttocks. They help in extending the hips. When you make your knees straight from a bent position these muscles are used. The rowing machine makes you work vigorously on these muscles and makes them lean. As a result, you burn calories and lose weight rapidly. Your hips get toned also.

·         Core muscles – maybe that spare tire that developed around your waist refuses to go. People with belly fat can benefit greatly from a rower. The core muscles consist of the upper and lower abs, lower back muscles and obliques. These muscles are called upon when you push the machine’s platform. You assert strength which makes these muscles strong. They help you to burn the fat and get a leaner body. The abdomen gets toned. You also get a better posture which makes you look good.


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