7 Great Steps for Pole Workouts

Burns calories, sculpts and tones muscles, increases flexibility and general fitness. Great exercise for building confidence.

Benefits of pole fitness

  • Lose      weight and cms
  • Increase      flexibility
  • Improve      circulation
  • Increase      stamina
  • Increase      self-confidence and body awareness
  • Improve posture      and grace
  • Rhythm      and co-ordination
  • Feel      sexy

1.    There’s an immediate reward for your effort

No one is saying you’ll get a six pack after one lesson. No. Just that that each time you put effort into pole dancing, you are almost instantly rewarded. At the start of a class you can’t do a fireman spin. One hour later, you can.

Unlike many forms of exercise in which you create generic or distant goals, such as ‘to win a tournament’ or ‘to run for half an hour’, in pole there’s always a new move that’s just within reach. This leads us straight into the next reason pole dancing is great exercise…

2.    Tangible goals make it highly motivating

Pole dancing provides you with an endless supply of attainable goals. To climb to the top of the pole. To do a hands-free outside leg hang. To string 5 moves together without stopping.

And each time you achieve a pole goal, you have something real to show for your hard work. It could be a new trick, or an impressive routine – and you might want to show it to your partner, your pole class, or simply your mirror. Whatever it is, having attained something that you can see and share is a very powerful incentive.

3.    It combines SO many types of exercise

A pole class typically involves some spins, some climbs, some dance moves and sometimes floor work as well. This combination of intensity levels means pole dancing can be classed as an ‘interval’ workout. Interval training is defined as a period of intensely difficult exercise maneuvers followed by period of rest. Interval training is acknowledged to be one of the best ways to burnt fat and drastically improve your cardiovascular fitness.

4.    It’s fun and exciting

This has become somewhat of a cliché in recent times. But guess why? Because it’s TRUE! And because people can’t stop talking about it.

Pole dancing is so much fun that you truly want to turn up to class and exercise! This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons women flock to pole as a form of fitness, and also the reason why so many stick to it! The same can be said about many styles of dance, of course

5.    It’s addictive!

Because pole dancing is so enjoyable and rewarding, it quickly becomes an addiction! Your self-esteem sky-rockets, you feel great, you look great –and the sweet taste of victory quickly becomes addictive

6.    It Targets Your WHOLE Body (that’s promised)

Pole dancing is fantastic for your thighs and your butt. It’s amazing for your arms, your back and your shoulders. It will shape your legs, tone your stomach and will work out all those flabby areas that are hard to target at the gym. Pole dancing even works out the little muscles too – like the ones in your ankles and wrists.

7.    There’s something for everyone

This isn’t a sport that you need to start at 5 years old, or an industry in which you’re past your peak at 30. Pole dancing is so delightfully versatile that it’s for every man and woman, regardless of shape, size, background or age. In fact, many international pole

You are only limited by your imagination. 

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