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What makes Team THF the best weight loss program in Utah?



Smart Nutrition Plans

Learn about powerful nutrition techniques, why it is that so many diets fail, weight loss vs fat loss, and many other fitness and health related questions and facts.

Our Process 

Tailored Fitness Programs

We merge nutrition and exercise fundamentals, which is the only way to reach your goals and maintain results. Our clients achieve an average of 25 pounds fat loss and five pounds of lean muscle gained.

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Weekly Accountability

THF consultants are the highest quality, well qualified professionals in the field of nutrition and exercise. Our consultants will design an effective and educational program using scientifically proven methods and realistic expectations.

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Team THF has Evolved

Who We Are



One Team One Mission

At Team THF, we are a team of Nutrition and Exercise Consultants that provide detailed, high quality professional guidelines for those interested in weight loss, fat loss, muscle-gain, firming, toning, and sports-specific goals such as basketball, football, and competitive running. We are a level-one, state-licensed diet center, following the guidelines as outlined by the American Dietetic Association.

 We understand that the biggest reason Utah dieters are not reaching their goals is not from lack of motivation, but rather from lack of guidelines. Too many people are failing to achieve their fitness goals simply because they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing. Weight loss results can be real. Success can be possible. But it takes guidelines. When you have the motivation and proper guidelines nothing can stop you from achieving your fitness goal!

We have developed a proven lifestyle fitness program that serves as a road map for reaching your personal health and fitness goals. From the start, every detail of your food, exercise, and health habits are analyzed by your Team THF consultant to ensure you’ll achieve stellar results, providing you with a full lifestyle program—even outlining how much water to drink each day and hours of sleep you need at night—so that you’ll know exactly how to reach your weight loss goal.


Team THF is not a gym and we are not just personal trainers. THF consultants are the highest quality, well qualified professionals in the field of nutrition and exercise. Our fitness and nutrition consultants will design an effective and educational program using scientifically proven methods and realistic expectations.

The Team THF fitness program is not a “diet.” Team THF programs are educational systems designed to teach you how to change your lifestyle and habits. We will use the fitness fundamentals to merge nutrition and exercise, which is the only way to reach your goal and maintain your results.

Team THF focuses on FAT LOSS not weight loss. Team THF fitness consultants measure body composition to guarantee that the weight you lose is the type you want to lose – FAT!

Team THF programs are individualized. Each THF program is developed to accommodate for the many differences in individual goals, body types, and lifestyles.

Team THF programs are simple –– but require commitment. Team THF weight loss programs in Utah provide each client with a very detailed fitness plan for exercise, nutrition and diet which leaves little room for confusion, but that doesn’t mean that the program won’t require a good amount of hard work and dedication. You must be prepared to challenge yourself to follow it completely, and push yourself to 100% compliance.

-Team THF


Features of Our Utah Weight Loss Programs



Personalized Meal Plans

Meals are a major part of reaching your goals. 


Personalized Exercise Plans

You're probably working too hard. Our plans vaporize fat. 


Progress Reports

When progress is measured progress improves exponentially.


Exercise Demonstration

Not sure you're doing it right? We're happy to show you. 


User Friendly Online Access

Access your program on-line from your mobile device. 


SMS Support

Shoot us a message when you're feeling the pressure. 

Strength Testing

Get tested on your strength. See your progress. 



Lunch Box Coolers

Take your food with you. Don't think outside the box. No excuses.




Maintenance Coaching

Stay ideal for the long run. 

Onsite Client Seminars

Invite your friends. We're passionate about educating on fitness. 


Free Corporate Wellness

Get a free meal and learn more about developing a healthy lifestyle at work. 




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